Unbalanced dialog is wrecking Canada

Jobs are disappearing.

In Canada we have many blessings. We have the freedom, business environment, infrastructure and natural resources that have enabled indigenous people and immigrants from around the world to become productive, raise families and live together peacefully.

Canada has become one of the most desirable places to live in the world. While we are justly proud our economic challenges are mounting. 

Infrastructure projects are being shut down. Warren Buffett and other investors are pulling their money out of Canada, even for projects that have been approved, because the environmental lobby is predominant. 

Our relative prosperity is shrinking. The 2019 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index shows a poor ranking of 26th in the world for having a stable policy environment for doing business – after countries such as Azerbaijan (11th), and Chile (23rd).

Our ranking for “Ease of doing business” in 2019 dropped 3 places to 13th according to the IMD.

The Government’s proposed climate change plan will further compromise our prosperity. These policies are destroying key industries, resulting in major job losses, social problems, reduced wealth creation and a lower standard of living. The reduced tax base will either result in cutbacks in public services or require higher taxes. 

Canada is Losing Its Competitiveness, The Frontier Centre for Public Policy March 6, 2020, further discussion...

Canada is leaking jobs and environmental responsibility

When a manufacturing job disappears and emissions are reduced in Canada the production is simply shifted to a country that has less stringent environmental regulations, without any net environmental benefit. This is termed “carbon leakage.”

What you have not been told

You have read the headlines: There is a climate emergency and Canada has a duty to lead the way in cutting emissions to prevent a climate catastrophe. 

The carbon tax is revenue neutral and will help “stop the climate changing.” You’ve been told that wind and solar energy are environmentally friendly and an economically viable replacement.

But you have not been told:

• There is increasing evidence that carbon dioxide has negligible effect on climate and global temperatures. 

• Canada accounts for only 1.6% of global emissions so nothing we do will make much of a difference. 

• If every Canadian stopped using fossil fuels completely, and that includes stopping driving, stopping flying, stopping heating homes, shutting down factories, eliminating fertilizers, and not using concrete it would not be enough to offset the increased carbon dioxide emissions during a single year by China, India and Bangladesh.

• Wind and solar are far from environmentally friendly and can only replace 40% of our electricity without destabilizing the grid. The cost of the energy they produce is around 9 times more expensive than traditional sources.

• Pipelines are safer and more energy efficient than rail travel for transporting oil. Lack of progress in building them encourages imports from unsympathetic regimes, harms our economy and threatens to tear the country apart.

• Energy taxes increase the cost of everything, drive jobs offshore and dissuade investment in research and development that will create the innovations that will be good for the environment and people of Canada. They are a particularly unfair burden for northern and rural families and workers.    

• Foreign companies use ENGOs to lobby against Canadian industries to eliminate them, taking advantage of their charitable status.  

• The mainstream media are blind to the complexities of climate science and have embraced Climate Alarmism disregarding its economic impacts.

• Canada is disadvantaged more than other countries by Climate Alarmism as we are the coldest country on earth and the second largest. Our abundant natural resources are locked up. 

For the benefit of Canadians we need to counter Climate Alarmism.

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