Which climate change group do you belong to?

Climate Change Realist

Knows that the climate is complex, always changing and that dogmatism isn’t justified. We think that, when making decisions about energy and environment, all available evidence should be taken into account to optimize human welfare. Many climate realists are also climate skeptics.

Climate Change Skeptic

Understands that the climate always changes but is skeptical of the hypothesis that human-generated emissions of carbon dioxide have a significant effect on the Earth’s temperatures.

Climate Change Denier

Does not accept that the Earth’s climate is changing or that mankind has any effect on it. “Denier” is a pejorative term.  

Climate Change Alarmist

Believes the science is settled and that human emissions of carbon dioxide are going to cause catastrophic changes in the Earth’s climate. They believe this can be avoided if mankind stops using fossil fuels.

Climate Change Heretic

Believes that the Earth’s climate is changing for many reasons but not because of the “greenhouse effect.” They point to the growing evidence that the Earth’s climate is not effected much by atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. 

Climate Realists are clearly not Alarmists or Deniers

The belief amongst Alarmists is that carbon dioxide has a dominant effect on global temperatures. A few decades back, this view was potentially correct. Since then it has become clear that the Earth’s climate is extremely variable and changes in the concentration of a trace gas, one that is essential for life, does not play a dominant role. 

Nonetheless Alarmists stick to the narrative that carbon dioxide concentrations are critical and will cause a climate catastrophe. They avoid discussions about actual scientific findings, because the Alarmist narrative is simple, it serves many green interests and it is politically useful.   

Realists advocate that we acknowledge reality – irrespective of politics.  

A perversion of language

Climate Realists recognize that the climate has been changing sometimes abruptly, for the last three billion years. In an Orwellian twist those who don’t follow the Alarmist party line are labelled “deniers” of climate change.