Towards better energy and environmental policies

We are not here to push specific policies, rather our goal is to promote debate, recognizing that:
•  Citizens have a right to be heard and their interests considered.
• No single public policy position should be treated as preeminent or imperative. 
• Policy should be based on facts, rigorous analysis and inclusive debate. 
• There should be less, rather than more, politicization of decision-making. 

Current Alarmist policies are not optimal

Alarmist policies



  • Higher energy costs
  • Damage the economy
  • Sends jobs offshore
  • Increases world pollution
  • Little investment in technological leaps forward
  • Wrecks national unity


  • Makes politicians feel virtuous
  • Impossible to meet target
  • In the short term satisfies Climate Alarmists

Realist policies



  • Invest in Canadian technologies that are genuinely green
  • Strict environmental controls to clean up real pollution
  • Invest in capabilities to protect citizens from catastrophes of all sorts
GreenInnovation BC
  • More innovation & jobs
  • Increase our standard of living
  • Less waste, lower costs
  • Tackle real pollution
  • Inspires trust in media and government
  • Unifying

"Do nothing" policies

  • Accept status quo as optimal
  • Potentially increases environmental damage
  • Psychologically unsatisfying
  • Fossil fuels will eventually run out without good alternatives
Freedome LR
  • Wealth & freedom to tackle environmental issues individually & locally

The policies that are being pursued by most politicians currently – at least publicly – are based on out of control Climate Alarmism. The targets for “carbon reduction” are impossible to meet without crippling our economy. They might sound good but they are false virtue. See The Canadian Policy Numbers Game

The “do nothing” approach is appealing to those with libertarian leanings, but at the moment it’s politically unsavoury. 

We need a middle ground, where we implement policies that do not burden households and businesses yet spur innovation towards a genuinely greener economy.

Canadians need to debate policies based on a sound understanding of climate change so that future generations are able to enjoy the freedom to generate wealth and live productively and peacefully. Let us call these REALIST POLICIES.

Canada is blessed with abundant natural resources. We should use them productively and responsibly. 

Papers on policy and economics

Carbon Tax Actionable Wrong

Carbon Tax Wrong Action or Actionable Wrong? This paper by Michael F. Blair, B.A., M.B.A., ICD.D, argues:  Trudeau’s attack on the oil & gas industry puts his global ambitions for a “new world order” ahead of the interests of Canada and risk the break-up of Confederation to realize his ambitions. Canada has no interest in Trudeau’s ambitions and his actions cannot be said to be taken with a view to the best interests of Canadians or with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise in similar circumstances. Legal scholars cited have no difficulty arguing the Crown must he held accountable for acts that unfairly harm First Nations based on the concept of breach of fiduciary duty with a number

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A Real Emergency

A Real Emergency Time will tell how COVID-19 ranks as a medical catastrophe but already it is causing extreme hardship for Canadians and the government deficit will cripple the livelihoods of future generations. We will need all our resources and economic strength to recover. Climate Realism Canada calls on politicians of all parties to stop using the rhetoric of a “climate emergency” to shut down infrastructure projects and extractive industries.  Current policies are destroying $100 billion of Canadian prosperity with ZERO benefits. Adding to the tax burden of Canadians and driving away investment will not stop the climate changing! It is time for teachers, the media and politicians to understand basic climate science. There is no climate emergency Get real

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Dear Prime Minister

Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from The Friends of Science Society Prime Minister, RE: Letter from 265 Academics – COVID19 Recovery – Fight Virus Not Carbon On Friday, March 27, 2020, the Dutch cabinet abandoned any further plans to pursue climate goals, despite the Urgenda court ruling, citing the overwhelming need to address the COVID19 crisis. Sir, it is time to focus on Canadians, not the planet; on the COVID19 crisis, not the climate. Some 265 academics demand that you abandon support for Canada’s oil and gas sector and not provide financial relief. We ask you, how is modern medicine possible without the energy and product stream, like sterile, single-use medical supplies, without petrochemicals? In 2018, Canadians were surveyed by Abacus Data for Ecofiscal Commission Canada. The number

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Starting to crack

Canada’s climate orthodoxy is starting to crack Now that Canadians are seeing what it feels like to be on the edge of a catastrophe they are waking up and asking long overdue questions about the downsides of “protecting the climate.” What catastrophe are we referring to?  There are several. We are on the brink of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that is a potentially devastating catastrophe – a real one. (This post was written in February 2020 before the disease had been elevated to the status of a global pandemic). The virus is killing people now. It is unlike the environmental “catastrophe” that has brought demonstrators onto the streets to campaign against fossil fuels and where politicians make virtuous impossible-to-keep promises at worldwide

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Stop Alarmism! This five minute video explains the Case for Climate Realism in Canada Stop Climate Alarmism from Destroying Canada Railways are being blocked, business disrupted, commuters inconvenienced and energy and infrastructure projects shut down.  Confidence in Canada is being destroyed. We are no longer a country where the rule of law is seen to prevail. Projects that have conformed to consultative processes and approved can be undermined by small groups of environmental activists.  The activists feel justified because of  fears about a “climate catastrophe” caused by carbon dioxide.  The mainstream press, including the CBC, stir up anxiety by endlessly repeating headlines that “climate change” is unnatural and can be reversed. They do not report any details, complex as they are,

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LNG Debacle

Climate Alarmism is Out of Control – The LNG Pipeline Debacle Shows Trains in Ontario are being disrupted and business is being disrupted across the nation because of protestors. “Don’t be fooled. This isn’t a genuine movement for social justice. These are outsiders exploiting a division within one First Nation in the hope of creating chaos on the ground,” writes Tom Flanagan Professor Emeritus of Political Science on the Fraser Institute website. He continues, “Many of the protestors swarming the B.C. legislature or blocking highways and railways across the country are not members of the Wet’suwet’en Nation or any other First Nation. They are the usual crowd of environmentalists and anti-capitalists. For many, their goal is to destroy the market

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