Let’s discuss energy in ways that benefit Canadians

The so called “climate emergency” is leading to energy and environmental policies that are  hurting Canadians, compromising our standard of living, reducing our ability to innovate and standing in the way of cleaning up real pollution. 

Unless we do something it will get worse. We need balance to counter the claims of Climate Alarmists. 

We will be encouraging constructive public policy

It is time for government policy realism. More here...

We are primarily concerned with advancing public policies that are balanced and realistic. We are tired of governments making virtuous statements about carbon mitigation that are impossible to keep, harm Canada and do nothing to protect the environment.

“Climate” is in our name, not because we are primarily concerned about the scientific aspects of the world’s changing climate, but because the media and policymakers have lost site of the realities of the data.  See more about our policies here…

We will be working with other realists

There are a growing number of individuals and organizations who are desperately trying to communicate a message of realism.

The media have largely ignored or ridiculed them. 

We will help amplify their voices and get their message out to Canadians and politicians.

See resources from other realists… 

There is a groundswell of realism. More here...

Here are a few things you can do to make a difference:

1. Learn about Climate Realism 

We have provided a number of links and references for you to become better informed. Please take the time to make up your own mind about what is best for you, your family and Canada – and the rest of the world. 

2. Speak up 

Help people understand that we do NOT face a “climate emergency.”

When your friends say something about taxing carbon to “stop global warming and save the planet,” point out that climate change will go on regardless. Ask them, “How much extra are you prepared to pay for heating, transport, groceries and holidays?” If they post on social media, add a comment. 

3. Take steps to make a difference yourself 

If you are concerned about aspects of the environment, take steps in your personal life to make a difference. The market is a powerful force and companies will respond accordingly.

4. Talk to your elected officials 

Encourage them to put forward energy and environment policies that will benefit you, your family and your constituency. Let them know that Climate Alarmism does not justify increasing the tax burden on Canadian families and businesses and you will be voting accordingly.

Tell us what you think. Here are a few questions:

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