Carbon dioxide: villain or essential for life

Carbon dioxide is good for the planet. Plants die without it. If you disagree don’t breathe out.

First let’s be clear about the difference between carbon dioxide and real pollutants. 

Humans have an effect on weather and climate in many ways. Cities create an urban heat island effect where temperatures, particularly at night become warmer. Forests trap warmth and moisture and when they are cut down temperatures become less stable. Condensation trails from aircraft also have an effect. So too does dust from ploughed fields and pollution from human activities.  

Somewhat strangely, Alarmists have singled out carbon dioxide to blame. It is an unlikely villain as it is a colorless, odorless gas, completely non-toxic and soluble. It is the ingredient that makes soda bubbly. Most people don’t realize that carbon dioxide is part of the “carbon cycle” with animals breathing it out, and plants taking it in as their food. Without it plants die. 

When fossil fuels are burned they produce pollutants such as sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, chlorofluorocarbons, carbon monoxide and ozone as well as soot and ash. These emissions are smelly, irritating and mostly toxic. In large parts of China and India they are ever-present, contributing to the early death as many as 2 million people every year. In Canada these emissions are strictly regulated. 

All these are carbon but each should be treated differently. Carbon dioxide is plant food and essential to life. Carbon monoxide is a clear gas that is deadly. Soot is pollution that causes sickness.

Dr. Patrick Moore is one of our supporters. He has Ph.D. in ecology and is a veteran of peace and environmental activism having faced down the harpoons of whaling ships as a founding member of Greenpeace. In this video explains the benefits of increasing levels of CO2 in the environment. 

Climate Realism News:

At one time it looked like wind and solar might be the solution, however in Canada they are costly for both taxpayers and the environment.

You do not need to be a climate scientist to understand that our government policies should not be grounded on theories that are far from robust.

The way in which science is presented by the United Nations climate panel differs from what scientists are actually finding.

There is good cause to be anxious about natural disasters. But they will not be prevented by increasing taxes on fuel.

How did we get to a point where many believe that carbon dioxide is a pollutant? It’s a long story, but one that is important to understand. 

Many have seen the movie An Inconvenient Truth. Its argument was based on a graph of past and projected global temperature change, but was it correct?

You will have not seen it reported in the news but a gripping drama has been unfolding over the last twenty years. 

Under the cover of environmentalism there are well-funded groups who are attacking key industries and damaging the wellbeing of Canadians.

Sorry to bring you bad news… but things are pretty good! But unless politicians enact realistic policies life will get worse.

Current policies in Canada increase the tax burden, do nothing for the environment and are false virtue. Canadians need better.