Carbon Tax Wrong Action or Actionable Wrong?

This paper by Michael F. Blair, B.A., M.B.A., ICD.D, argues: 

Trudeau’s attack on the oil & gas industry puts his global ambitions for a “new world order” ahead of the interests of Canada and risk the break-up of Confederation to realize his ambitions. Canada has no interest in Trudeau’s ambitions and his actions cannot be said to be taken with a view to the best interests of Canadians or with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise in similar circumstances.

Legal scholars cited have no difficulty arguing the Crown must he held accountable for acts that unfairly harm First Nations based on the concept of breach of fiduciary duty with a number of successful such cases decided by the Supreme Court of Canada. It is arguable that the Crown can also be held liable to Albertans for acts that unfairly harm citizens of that Province. I submit it is further arguable that individual members of Parliament failing to vote their conscience when faced with discriminatory legislation punitive to Albertans (following the tradition of Party solidarity and the Party Whip) may also face liability and by failing to consider the issue objectively and independently have waived any protection they may claim as members of Parliament


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Carbon Tax
Wrong Action or Actionable Wrong?
Ottawa’s carbon tax and
Parliamentary Duties to Canadians
December 2020
By Michael Finley Lawrence Blair