A Real Emergency

Time will tell how COVID-19 ranks as a medical catastrophe but already it is causing extreme hardship for Canadians and the government deficit will cripple the livelihoods of future generations.

We will need all our resources and economic strength to recover. Climate Realism Canada calls on politicians of all parties to stop using the rhetoric of a “climate emergency” to shut down infrastructure projects and extractive industries. 

Current policies are destroying $100 billion of Canadian prosperity with ZERO benefits. Adding to the tax burden of Canadians and driving away investment will not stop the climate changing!

It is time for teachers, the media and politicians to understand basic climate science. There is no climate emergency

Get real and address the real emergency

This open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada from the Calgary-based Friends of Science Society explains that we need to SAVE CANADA and FIGHT THE VIRUS! 

Lorrie Goldstein writing in the Toronto Sun: Fossil fuel energy holds the key to economic recovery