John Robson – Climate Discussion Nexus

Dr. John Robson is now devoting much of his time and talents to The Climate Discussion Nexus, an organization “formed in 2018,” as they state on their website, “by a group of citizens concerned about expensive, ill-planned energy policies intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

He has a PhD in history from the University of Texas, which is reflected in his videos that are thoroughly researched and grounded in an understanding of historical context. He contributes articles to the National Post weekly. This one from March 2019 concerned with climate change had the subhead:

“The reason some of us are skeptical about man-made global warming, or climate change, isn’t that we’re in ‘denial’ or the pay of Big Oil. It’s the alarmists’ long run of lurid failed predictions.”

He sends out weekly emails called, “Wednesday Wakeup from the Climate Discussion Nexus,” which he follows up with a discussion video. We recommend you subscribe to the emails here and subscribe to the CDN YouTube channel here.

Climate Discussion Nexus videos are well researched and worth your time: