The leading British climate & energy policy think tank

The Global Warming Policy Forum promotes a fact-based assessment of climate science and related policies. 

The associated Foundation conducts educational seminars on climate science and policy. The lectures are posted on the Youtube channel below

Lord Lawson, a British politician and journalist now sitting in the House of Lords, set up The GWPF in 2009 because he was  concerned about the costs of government policies to tackle climate change. He wanted to bring reason, integrity and balance to the debate.

The foundation is run by Dr. Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist specializing in the environmental and socio-economic impact of physical activity on health.

The GWPF website has many articles and papers relating to climate science. We recommend their newsletter which can be signed up for here.

The GWPF regularly post videos covering topics relating to climate science and energy policy.

Current papers published by the GWPF

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  • Critics Rebut Computer Modelling Exercise On Offshore Wind Costs July 31, 2020
    Remember when Imperial College London and UK newspapers recently announced that “offshore wind power is now so cheap it could pay money back to consumers”? The Global Warming Policy Forum is today publishing a critique of the new paper behind the headlines which claims that computer modelling of offshore wind subsidy auction bids around Europe provides sound […]
  • Offshore Wind Costs and Auction Price Bids: A Comment July 31, 2020
    In 2017 GWPF published a paper by Gordon Hughes, Capell Aris and John Constable reporting data on offshore wind construction costs that suggested the industry’s claim to have achieved dramatic reductions was unlikely to be true, and that the low strike prices bid in the Contracts for Difference auctions had other explanations. The authors wrote: […]
  • Another nail in the LNT coffin July 30, 2020
    A favourite lie of the environmental movement takes another blow A few weeks ago, we at GWPF published a paper by Ed Calabrese and Mikko Paunio, about the linear no-threshold (LNT) model as applied to the harms caused by nuclear radiation. The LNT model encapsulates the idea that there is no safe level of radiation […]
  • What If You Can’t Resell Your Electric Car? July 30, 2020
    Would you still buy an electric car if you knew you wouldn’t be able to resell it in the future? That’s the latest hurdle potential buyers are contending with, and it’s bound to become a big driver of demand. The expenses of owning an electric vehicle have always stood in the way of mass adoption, even in China, which […]
  • Europe’s Hydrogen Strategy To Nowhere July 30, 2020
    What the EU is promising in this area is nothing more than tax expenditure for a solution that no one in the world will adopt. The European Commission presented its hydrogen strategy in July 2020. It is convinced that it will be possible to make ‘clean’ hydrogen a viable solution for a climate-neutral economy and to build […]
  • Agriculture May Already By Climate Neutral July 29, 2020
    IPPC does not take photosynthesis into account when measuring carbon footprint of agriculture industry. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims that agriculture is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases, and is thus by many observers considered as a climate villain. This conclusion, however, is based on a paradigm that can […]

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