The leading British climate & energy policy think tank

The Global Warming Policy Forum promotes a fact-based assessment of climate science and related policies. 

The associated Foundation conducts educational seminars on climate science and policy. The lectures are posted on the Youtube channel below

Lord Lawson, a British politician and journalist now sitting in the House of Lords, set up The GWPF in 2009 because he was  concerned about the costs of government policies to tackle climate change. He wanted to bring reason, integrity and balance to the debate.

The foundation is run by Dr. Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist specializing in the environmental and socio-economic impact of physical activity on health.

The GWPF website has many articles and papers relating to climate science. We recommend their newsletter which can be signed up for here.

The GWPF regularly post videos covering topics relating to climate science and energy policy.

Current papers published by the GWPF

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  • New report reviews the state of extreme weather in 2020 April 22, 2021
    Observational data contradicts claims of worsening weather events  London, 22 April: A new report published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation reviews extreme weather trends around the world in 2020 and finds little evidence of deterioration. The report, by physicist Dr Ralph Alexander, also looks at how extreme weather has been reported by others and […]
  • Boris’s Net Zero gamble risks fuelling a new Brexit-style revolt against the elite April 22, 2021
    A botched anti-consumer Net Zero agenda will infuriate the very voters that propelled Johnson to No 10 and create space for a Brexit-style party focusing on a new set of issues. Like Saturn, revolutions have a habit of devouring their children. Boris Johnson should beware: the biggest danger to his historic project to rebuild Britain […]
  • Will US & European car industry survive super-cheap Chinese EVs? April 21, 2021
    EVs set to take off in China as rural consumers embrace $4,400 model. Shanghai auto show opens, targeting middle class buyers in cities next SHANGHAI — China’s biggest auto show features electric vehicles priced within reach of the rural and middle-class buyers essential for propelling the country’s green car market into high gear. At Auto […]
  • Don’t tell China: US coal production set to rise, in blow to Biden’s climate goals April 21, 2021
    US coal production is set for a bounce-back year in 2021. Rising electricity demand associated with an improving economy and an uptick in natural gas prices are likely to push coal generation higher. Coal plant retirements are likely to slump to their lowest level since 2014 in President Biden’s first year in office, according to […]
  • Not gonna happen: Replacing gas boilers to hit 2035 climate target could cost households ‘up to £25,000’ April 21, 2021
    Replacing gas boilers with green alternatives could cost homeowners up to £25,000, MPs and peers have warned, as the Government announced drastic new emissions cuts.  Boris Johnson on Tuesday committed the UK to cutting carbon emissions by 78 per cent by 2035, compared to 1990 levels, as recommended by the Government’s climate advisory body.  The legally binding […]
  • Joe Biden takes risks with his climate ‘summit’ April 20, 2021
    President Biden will summon dozens of world leaders Thursday and Friday for a virtual climate change summit aimed at securing historic cuts in pollution, but some key stakeholders, chiefly China and Russia, will likely be logging on with their own competing agendas and may try to use the meeting as an opportunity to back the U.S. into a […]

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