The leading British climate & energy policy think tank

The Global Warming Policy Forum promotes a fact-based assessment of climate science and related policies. 

The associated Foundation conducts educational seminars on climate science and policy. The lectures are posted on the Youtube channel below

Lord Lawson, a British politician and journalist now sitting in the House of Lords, set up The GWPF in 2009 because he was  concerned about the costs of government policies to tackle climate change. He wanted to bring reason, integrity and balance to the debate.

The foundation is run by Dr. Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist specializing in the environmental and socio-economic impact of physical activity on health.

The GWPF website has many articles and papers relating to climate science. We recommend their newsletter which can be signed up for here.

The GWPF regularly post videos covering topics relating to climate science and energy policy.

Current papers published by the GWPF

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  • Germany’s biogas plants face bankruptcy as subsidies run out October 20, 2020
    Electricity from biogas power plants in Germany can currently be fed into the grid at a guaranteed price. But the country’s renewable energy law faces revision that could end subsidies; operators fear for their business. The post Germany’s biogas plants face bankruptcy as subsidies run out appeared first on The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF).
  • Irish revolt: Carbon Tax rises a ‘vicious attack on rural Ireland’ October 20, 2020
    Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael face a rural backlash as rural voters are left counting the cost of the latest carbon tax hike in last week’s budget. There has been intense criticism of the hike from farm organisations and rural TDs. IFA farm business chair Rose Mary McDonagh said farmers do not have an alternative […]
  • Oxfam: Rich countries are not delivering on $100bn climate finance promise October 20, 2020
    Nearly 80% of climate finance is in the form of loans that must be repaid, adding to the debt burden of the poorest countries, anti-poverty campaigners found. Wealthy nations are giving less money to poorer ones for climate projects than their official statistics make out, according to analysis by Oxfam. In a report published on Tuesday, the […]
  • No warming in the UK? October 20, 2020
    The Central England Temperature Record is the Met Office’s preferred measure of UK temperature, at least as far as climatology is concerned. Although the number of sites underlying the record is tiny and all of them are situated in the Midlands, how these stations have changed over time is well understood. That means that any […]
  • New study: Climate experts fly more often than other scientists October 20, 2020
    Scientists who specialise in climate change fly more than other researchers, according to a study by Cardiff University that has prompted calls for them “to look in the mirror” before demanding that others cut emissions. Climate scientists take about five flights a year on average for work while other researchers take four. Climate professors catch […]
  • Macron threatens UK with energy blockade October 19, 2020
    French president Emmanuel Macron confirmed that the EU would launch a devastating energy embargo against the UK if Boris Johnson refuses to give in on fisheries. Emmanuel Macron reacted furiously to Boris Johnson’s claims that trade talks are “over” between the UK and EU. Mr Macron has played hardball in the talks on fisheries, insisting […]

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