Rex Murphy – RexTV

Rex Murphy’s distinctive voice is familiar to Canadians as he was a frequent contributor to news programs on CBC TV, and the host of the nationwide call-in radio show Cross Country Checkup before stepping down in September 2015.

In October 2019 he started RexTV that features interviews with voices that are scorned by the left-leaning media. 

One of the first interviews he conducted was with Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor, psychiatrist and anti-totalitarian advocate, who tearfully admitted he needed to take a break to get treatment for a drug dependency before disappearing from public. 

Mr. Murphy is dismissive of climate alarmism, a supporter of Canadian industry and and advocate for working Canadians. It would be hard to label him as conservative as early in his career he worked as executive assistant to the leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and he was a vocal fan of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

His interviews are freewheeling, more akin to podcast discussions, and a refreshing change from those one sees on broadcast TV that are pre-scripted and politically correct.

Here are interviews he has conducted that relate to climate realism:  

An interview with Professor Ross McKitrick, an environmental economist at the University of Guelph, author, and writer for the Fraser Institute. 

An interview with Jocelyn Bamford Vice President, Automatic Coating Limited, and founder of the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers an organization formed in September of 2016 in response to unfavourable legislation impacting businesses in Ontario. 

Mayor of Fort St. John, Alberta, Lori Ackerman discusses the energy sector in Canada, how government policy and rhetoric affect the local community, and the many challenges the energy industry and its workers face under a Liberal government and climate-change hysteria. Full interview here.

Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace and an outspoken critic of the climate-change hysteria and eco-fanaticism which currently inundates politics, journalism, and academia.  Dr. Moore is a supporter of Climate Realism Canada. His talk on global greening got over 30,000 views on YouTube in under two months.