Canada’s climate orthodoxy is starting to crack

Now that Canadians are seeing what it feels like to be on the edge of a catastrophe they are waking up and asking long overdue questions about the downsides of “protecting the climate.”

What catastrophe are we referring to? 

There are several.

We are on the brink of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that is a potentially devastating catastrophe – a real one. (This post was written in February 2020 before the disease had been elevated to the status of a global pandemic). The virus is killing people now. It is unlike the environmental “catastrophe” that has brought demonstrators onto the streets to campaign against fossil fuels and where politicians make virtuous impossible-to-keep promises at worldwide climate conferences. 

Hospitals need funding and reliable power. Our ability to survive and recover will not be helped by shutting down the industries that provide energy, jobs and tax revenues. 

Another catastrophe is the breakdown of law and order. When politicians and the police cannot act to uphold the law because they fear a backlash from social and environmental activists they look weak and indecisive. Mainstream Canadians notice and they don’t like it. 

Attacks on resource extraction strike at the heart of what built Canada.

Canadians are starting to notice the threat to our democracy. We are moving towards “mob rule, or cancel culture, or whatever passes for consensus-building these days,” writes Tasha Kheiriddin on the Global News website. “It’s where the loudest voices — the radical environmentalists, anarchists and anti-capitalists successfully piling on to Indigenous protests — call the tune, and the prime minister dances as fast as he can. As for the silent majority, desperately trying to take the last functioning GO train home to pick up their kid from daycare, or hoping to get a job at one of the projects now on the scrap heap, they’re out of luck.”

Referring to the halting of the LNG pipeline construction that has followed due process and the scaring off of Teck Resources, Kheririddin continues, “What better way to strike at the heart of what built the country in the first place, the extraction of natural resources? It’s not just an economic attack, but a philosophical one. It repudiates what Canada has traditionally stood for: a triumph over the hardships of an unforgiving landscape, where pioneers forged a life for themselves and future generations, where they went to escape poverty, war, famine or rigid class structures.”

Investors are giving up on Canada. Once source inside the investment community reports they have personally seen $15 billion in investments evaporate.

Diane Francis: The beginning of the end of Canada’s high living standards.

“Canada,” Diane Francis writes in the National Post, “is not worth the risk. And that means living standards will fall, capital and jobs will continue to leave, and the country’s million-strong and restive Indigenous people, among other Canadians, face diminishing opportunities.

Another catastrophe is the breakup of this country. Albertans are beyond angry and the CBC and the left-leaning press is finding that portraying them as oil mad, anti environmental and marginal is unsettling. 

As reported in the National Post, “A towering majority of Canadians agree with the statement, “Right now, Canada is broken.” Sixty-nine per cent of Canadians agree with the statement, rising to 83% in Alberta, found a DART & Maru/Blue poll conducted for the National Post.”

Politicians are caught by their own self-serving rhetoric. Now more than 80 per cent of Canadians believe their politicians care more about their own partisan interests than working on behalf of all Canadians. 

Unless Ottawa changes its narrative from “protecting the climate” to protecting the livelihood of Canadians and the values that have built this country, it will lose authority. 

Politicians need to change their approach. Virtue has to be replaced with realism.

Join Climate Realism Canada and lets get politicians working for the good of this and future generations. 

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Authorities find that the climate is changing – as usual!

The variation in temperature from month to month and year to year is far more than any trend. The way the “temperature anomaly” is plotted accentuates the variability. The difference of 0.5℃ one way or the other in reality is imperceptible.
The USCRN weather stations are a new network set up to minimize the effects of buildings and roads.

Amongst all the reports of unprecedented climate change you are unlikely to have read reports that February temperatures in 2020 (and the average of the previous year) were not much different than the baseline average from 1981 through 2010. 

Hold on… aren’t we supposed to be seeing runaway warming temperatures caused by greenhouse gasses? 

Unfortunately for the Climate Alarmists temperatures are going up and down unpredictably just as they always have. 

You don’t need to believe what you read on this website, you can check the trends yourself by going to the NOAA website here and adjusting the parameters yourself. 

The temperatures are from the US Climate Reference Network (USCRN) a new network of climate stations developed and maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) completed in 2008 for the express purpose of measuring temperature changes accurately over longer timeframes, avoiding inaccuracies caused by things like buildings and roads.

The temperatures do not need to be manipulated, or “homogenized” to use the scientific term, which can introduce biases.  

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    The Climate Orthodoxy in Canada is Starting to Crack Because of Genuine Catastrophes.
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    Canada’s climate orthodoxy is starting to crack