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This five minute video explains the Case for Climate Realism in Canada

Stop Climate Alarmism from Destroying Canada

Railways are being blocked, business disrupted, commuters inconvenienced and energy and infrastructure projects shut down. 

Confidence in Canada is being destroyed. We are no longer a country where the rule of law is seen to prevail. Projects that have conformed to consultative processes and approved can be undermined by small groups of environmental activists. 

The activists feel justified because of  fears about a “climate catastrophe” caused by carbon dioxide. 

The mainstream press, including the CBC, stir up anxiety by endlessly repeating headlines that “climate change” is unnatural and can be reversed. They do not report any details, complex as they are, of climate science or that there is no evidence for a climate emergency.

Policies are being enacted that are increasing the price of energy that Canadians depend on for living, business, transportation, education – and survival. 

There is little discussion about how we can address the environmental and social challenges that have nothing to do with climate change. Nor are we asking how we can stop our manufacturing jobs being driven overseas, and instead spur innovation to develop new forms of energy, transport and living.

The needs of mainstream Canadians are being overlooked.

Climate Realism Canada is a new organization that needs your support.

We advocate for civil dialog based on an understanding of the complexities of climate science and a recognition of the values that have built a country with a quality-of-life that is one of the best in the world.

We aim to unify and amplify the voices of mainstream Canadians, and other organizations, who care about the prosperity and freedom of future generations.

Please join Climate Realism Canada. We need your support.

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    Stop Climate Alarmists from Destroying this country.
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