Frontier Centre for Public Policy

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) is an independent Canadian public policy think tank based in western Canada. They have the pioneer spirit of the Prairies and the goal of encouraging innovative, outcome-based public policies for that region and the rest of Canada.

The think tank is non-partisan with a classical liberal bias towards smarter, smaller, more effective government, the market based economy, creating a high performing public government including core public sector reform, consumer focused education and healthcare systems, smart green environmental and energy policy plus freedom of speech and individual rights.

Frontier’s work provides useful advice to politicians overwhelmed by the complexity of today’s massively complicated government structures, with a focus on reforms that get around the “Yes Minister” dynamics of bureaucracies.

Their focus on markets, competitive service supply, individual freedoms and non-government solutions in general to public policy challenges run afoul of woke activists. For example, they advocate for aboriginal policy that empowers individuals and brings First Nations people into the economic mainstream, rather than official reconciliation policies that are backwards looking and guilt driven.

They have for a long time been climate realists, working with prominent experts and academics to combat climate alarmism. They’ve argued for a more positive form of environmental and energy policy called “smart green” which focuses on promoting clean air and water by encouraging wealth creation. They do not believe carbon dioxide is pollution and believe that no form of energy should receive government subsidies, which they term “energy neutrality.” In short they advocate for environmentally responsible policies that are not only “green” but also economically viable. In this regard they align with the policy approaches advocated by Climate Realism Canada.

They publish papers on the Frontier Centre website here and also on Troy Media here

The Frontier Policy publishes engaging articles on their website here...