Friends of Science Society

The Friends of Science Society was set up in 2002 in Calgary. Its goal is to “To educate the public about climate science and through them bring pressure to bear on governments to engage in public debates on the scientific merits of the hypothesis of human induced global warming and the various policies that intend to address the issue.”

The organization is a non-profit, mostly volunteer organization, run by active and retired earth and atmospheric scientists, engineers, economists, and other energy business experts. They publish regular newsletters that summarize findings relating to the science of climate change and environmental policy. 

From early in their history they were singled out by climate alarmists and smeared. They were accused of being anti-science, funded by big oil and having extreme viewpoints. 

Actually, they are a case study in how an organization that is studious and careful in all their communications can be marginalized through an orchestrated disinformation campaign. When you perform a Google search nine of the top ten organic listings are sites that are purposefully defamatory. The FoS Wikipedia page, which is crowd-managed is factually inaccurate. For instance, it does not list their name correctly (it is Friends of Science Society not just Friends of Science) and despite their efforts to correct the name and other points of fact, the corrections are immediately reversed. 

Their position on anthropogenic global warming is, if anything, moderate. They acknowledge and present evidence that the Earth’s climate is warming at least to some degree because of human-generated carbon dioxide. 

Because they are genuinely scientific in their approach they do not resort to simplifying complex matters. The result is that their communications appeal to individuals that have the time and technical abilities to digest details. Consequently they tend to be drowned out by apocalyptic headlines generated from IPCC COP conferences and are rarely quoted in the mainstream Canadian press. 

The Friends of Science Society website has a valuable library of technical papers relating to climate change, energy and environmental policy. 

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